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Jorge Rivera

Functionality You Will Love

Founder and Managing Attorney

Attorney Jorge Rivera's extensive immigration experience started over two decades ago. Before he decided to pursue a legal career completing his Juris Doctor at the University of Puerto Rico, he served as a Border Patrol Agent with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, and as a Special Agent with ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement). This previous experience gave him firsthand knowledge and understanding of the stories of hundreds of immigrants risking everything in search of a better life. It didn't take long for him to discover that this was his calling. It is this prior experience as a federal agent what has helped him reach a unique high level of understanding and a rare expertise in the field, being able to view his cases with a different perspective. He has devoted his life to his profession and, because of his high standards, he has gained the respect of other immigration lawyers, judges, and other professionals in the field.

An active and decorated Black Belt jiu jitsu athlete, Jorge understands the discipline and drive it takes to succeed, as well as the sensibility to overcome challenges. To this day, he collects a binder of postcards, hand-written letters of each individual and family whose lives have been changed and that are forever thankful for helping them achieve their immigration dreams. 

He is not only devoted to his work, wife and kids, he is a compassionate man who gives his heart and soul for his people, his immigrant community. He loves the new challenges he faces every day as an entrepreneur and as a lawyer. To him it’s all about building life changing moments.

Attorney Jorge Rivera has an ease for clear communication in three languages: Spanish, English, and Portuguese. 

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I am driven to succeed even in the most difficult situations. I'm dedicated to the immigration community and I will go far and beyond for you.



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