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Gabriela Ramirez

Functionality You Will Love

Accounts and Marketing Manager 

Gabriela comes from a background of marketing and advertising. After completing her Bachelors degree in Advertising, and working for advertising agencies for over 18 years, she successfully managed her own company as creative director. With this experience, she learned effective time management and excellent organizational skills. This, and her talent for clear communication, has led to her success in now managing T8 Immigration. She promotes and emphasizes on a personalized service for all clients.

Outside of work, Gabriela is a dedicated mother and cares for her family and pets more than anything. Occasionally, she volunteers at her children's schools and at local animal shelters. Gabriela has been married to attorney Jorge Rivera for over 17 years, and just like her husband, she loves seeing the change in people’s lives.

Contact me

I'm always looking for new ideas to provide the best service and communication between our team and our clients. How can I help?



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