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Nellybeth Gonzalez

Senior Paralegal

Kindness and positive attitude describe Nellybeth. She enjoys and loves working hand in hand with everyone in our team, and is always making sure our clients feel comfortable and welcome. Her integration with the team has been flawless since the first day. Her excellent organizational skills, personalized connection with clients, and attention to detail, make Nellybeth an essential part of T8 Immigration.

She completed her Bachelor's degree in Sociology with sub specialization in Criminal Justice and graduated with honors. Her fascination with the legal field started decades ago, while helping clients achieve a successful outcome in their individual situations. She truly enjoys her work and it gives her an enormous sense of gratification and fulfillment. 

Outside of work, she enjoys a healthy living, spending time enjoying nature and her family. 


Nellybeth is a native Spanish speaker and fluent in English.

Contact me

I'm here to help you navigate through your process with ease and clear communication. Let me know how I can help.


813 467 8887 | ext 9


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